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  • Storage Auction How-To Guide

    September 24th, 2014

    Storage auctions are a way for storage unit companies such as SaveMor Self Storage LTD to get rid of items that have been left behind by storage tenants. In some cases, the unit rental fees were not paid, and the storage unit company seizes the contents of the unit. In other cases, a tenant may move away and forget about the […]

  • Let That Little Light Shine: Lighting Your Gas Furnace’s Pilot Light

    September 22nd, 2014

    Your furnace stopped working, but you can’t figure out why. Suddenly, there it is: The pilot light has gone out. Here’s six quick steps you can take to relight your pilot light, so your can warm up your home. 
    Pilot Light: Why Did It Go Out?
    Pilot lights often go out due to a drop in gas availability, wind or air flow, […]

  • Different Ways To Find The Right Employees For Your Company

    September 18th, 2014

    When you are seeking qualified employees for your company, you have several ways of accomplishing this goal. The methods you choose will depend on the job title and the amount of time you have to fill the position. Looking through all of your options will help you pick the right method for your company to utilize.
    Open Application
    The first option is […]

  • 3 Reasons You Need Crating Services To Handle Your Fine Art

    September 17th, 2014

    Fine art is in a category itself when it comes to transportation. With work that can range from high monetary value to even higher sentimental value, it’s important that art is always transported and handled with the utmost care. When you’re an artist that needs to safely transport your work to a show, there are three distinct advantages to using […]



Want to have a great new product that people are going to go crazy over? With all the different people pushing their ideas, how do you make yours shine? The main thing is look outside the box. Think of some totally new way of using the current technology, or even incorporate the things of the past with the items of the future.

Key Marketing


Even if you have a great idea, you have to be smart about your marketing to make sure your product doesn’t get lost in the mayhem. The key to marketing is a target audience and an avenue of marketing that appeals to the appropriate crowd. And most of all, have fun and show it! Marketing isn’t supposed to be boring!

The Extra Stuff


Another great thing to appeal to people is the idea of free stuff. What are some of the freebies or even discounted items that come along with getting this product? Does the product have a good warranty? Thinking about what draw multiple groups of people in because of the side items will help your product sell.